Store Director Interview Questions

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“Questionable ethics violations?”

“They kept concentrating on the fact that I had not specifically managed the skillset of the employees I would be taking on and wanted to know how I could possibly be effective.”

“Tell me about a time that you were asked to follow a policy or procedure that you didn't agree with and what you did about it.”

“Most difficult question was name a time you had to deliver a unpopular decision, what was your actions, and what was the outcome.”

“To give her references from a job I had 10 years ago.”

“What would be your long-term goal with our company?”

“Explain a time when you used your financial data to form a strategy.”

“If you have ever interviewed for a management position, you will be familiar with the question style. Everything they asked related to my experience and performance as a leader.”

“Why are you a good candidate for this position?”

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