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“why are you looking for a positon with Kohl's?”

“What things automatically impact sales if not executed correctly?”

“What's the stock of the company currently valued at?”

“You have a problem employee that you must fire as soon as possible and you have to change the store out for a brand new promotion the next day. Would you fire the employee first or wait until the…”

“Would I be willing to let my cosmetology license go inactive?”

“What are your weaknesses?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Where do you believe that our shrink comes from the most? Internal? Or external?”

“Asked to extract numbers from a list of alphanumeric strings. For example if string is "qw34rt56", new list should contain 34 and 56. New list should have unique numbers and should be in ascending…”

“"You are never going to get anywhere with a communications degree"

"Right now, I am asking the questions. I will tell you when it's YOUR turn to ask a question"

"Wow it seems like you are just…”

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