Store Manager Interview Questions

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“What would I do if I caught an employee stealing or if I was told an employee was stealing.”

“Most significant achievement related to position applied for.”

“Are you willing to relocate anywhere in the country for this position.”

“Your career seems to be leading you into another direction, why would we want to risk hiring you?”

“Do you plan to relocate near store location”

“Where I wanted to be in 5 years?”

“No dumb questions like strengths and weaknesses. Straight up grill. All the questions were situation, action, result. 1. Tell me about a time were you had a difficult conversation with someone...”

“none, interview questions are those "tell me about a time" questions”

“Sell me this pen? And what would you do if you caught your employees stealing( they literally think everyone is stealing from them). Reality it's a generic store manager interview substitute pawn for...”

“"What can you bring to make the store more profitable?"”

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