Strategic Communications Interview Questions

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“First round phone interview is more like a IQ questions, I was asked more than 60 questions during 45 minutes interview. There is no right or wrong answer. Just like "Are you a suspicious person...”

“Describe a difficult circumstance you faced and tell me how you handled it.”

“The only questions I had difficulty answering were scenarios that I just did not have experience in.”

“There were no difficult questions.”

“What's one thing you want to get better at?”

“What is your experience with analytics?”

“The interview was a screening interview, so no real questions asked of me. Recruiter just explained interview process.”

“What is it about this position that you are most looking forward to.”

“In the middle of answering one of her more relevant questions she asked what newspapers I read and why? Another question she interrupted me to ask if how my old job would feel about me leaving.”

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