Strategist Interview Questions

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“What do you think about smart appliances?”

“What is content strategy. Honestly. I came from a content background and had done research into content strategy, but the hard and fast definition of content strategy still eludes me.”

“Let's say you are working with a bakery. What 3 Google items would you sell them on?”

“Give an example of how you used measurement to change a strategy, and include the numerical results you saw.”

“Reason for my, albeit moderate, change in role”

“Nothing off the ll questions were fair and standard”

“Insert a new data point at the head of a singly linked circular list in constant time. Given a pointer to the current head of the circular list.”

“Which of the following has the least memory: CD, USB, harddrive, and a few others”

“I was asked to give my opinion on a hypothetical client scenario.”

“What do you think about Rock Candy Media?”

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