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“What do you think about smart appliances?”

“What is content strategy. Honestly. I came from a content background and had done research into content strategy, but the hard and fast definition of content strategy still eludes me.”

“Let's say you are working with a bakery. What 3 Google items would you sell them on?”

“Reason for my, albeit moderate, change in role”

“Nothing off the ll questions were fair and standard”

“Which of the following has the least memory: CD, USB, harddrive, and a few others”

“What do you think about Rock Candy Media?”

“How do you foresee the digital marketplace for PDS 5 years from now?”

“What made you decide on Wayfair over other locations?”

“Consider a random walk on a graph in the shape of the capital letter Y, with nodes at A and B at the top, C at the bottom, and O in the center. With probability 1/3, there is a transition from O to...”

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