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“The case interview was not specific to the industry but tested your logic and reasoning as well as technical skills, both necessary to job function. It was also unexpected to answer so many questions…”

“Case interview about car company in Europe.”

Strategy Analyst at BP

Apr 30, 2014

“One question was on how depreciation expense affects the income statement.”

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“Describe a situation in which you had to use a) logic, b) analytical skills, and c) business judgement ===> 3 separate questions”

“Case question: If you were Motorola, what would your three objectives when creating a campaign?
Case question: Talk me through what you'd look at first if you noticed that in your data set there was…”

“Nothing was too unexpected, standard branding interview questions. Favorite/least favorite brand question is a typical question most agencies will ask but can sometime be difficult to find a strong…”

“If you were Volkswagen and you were running an ad during the Super Bowl, what would you do to prepare beforehand?”

“How do you solve business problems”

“Had to do a full out business case analyzing their company's business model.”

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