Strategy Manager Interview Questions

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“No unexpected questions, during phone interview was asked a business case. They just wanted to get an idea of how I solve abstract business problems, just wanted to gauge my though process to solving...”

“Why financial services? Why Schwab? Why did you leave your last job? Do you know anyone in San Francisco? Case question was asked.”

“How do you organize yourself on a daily basis?”

“What was the most entrepreneurial thing you've ever done?”

“Mostly common asked questions such as why HP, why corporate strategy, why now.”

“What do you think the main profit drivers are for the Xbox division?”

“Questions were all general and nothing specific to the role and responsibilities. - General background - Specific projects that I found challenging and how I overcame that”

“Case study type question on a certain business that was underperforming growth estimates, even though they had put more investment in it. They asked me to walk through the issue and how to identify...”

“All questions were behavioral. Tell me about a time when...”

“What are you looking for in your career (at Google or otherwise)?”

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