Student Services Coordinator Interview Questions

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“Do you have a comfortable vehicle and are you a good driver?”

“What question do you want us to ask you?”

“Do you know the South Carolina teacher certification regulations?”

“What do you feel are the 3 words to describe your strengths and areas for improvement?”

“What led to your pursuit to be considered for employment at our facility?”

“If we were to contact your previous and/or current supervisor, what qualities would they describe you as an individual?”

“How did you juggle with multiple activities.
Describe your experience: - working with diverse student - creating workshops - providing services to student - developing or implementing programs…”

“If a movie were to be made about your life, what would the title of that movie be? Why?”

“The interviews were standard and did not have anything challenging or unexpected.”

“If given the position what would I do in the first 90 days/
If we select someone else for this position what will you do?”

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