Study Technician Interview Questions

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“After an hour long interview they tested me on my transliteration skills.”

“Provide a situation where you had to learn a lot of complex information in a short amount of time.”

“Explain a time when you saw a co-worker doing something they weren't supposed to be doing, and how did you handle it.”

“I was asked for my feelings on animal euthanasia.”

“Mostly behavorial based questions.”

“Tell me about a time in which you failed at a task. What was the task and how did you react?”

“Probably questions regarding past failures or the goals that were not reached.”

“Are you affiliated with any animals rights groups?”

“There were a ton of difficult and unexpected questions. I advise everyone to look up some sample behavioral questions to get your mind brewing on situations that have occurred during your work...”

“What negative experiences have you had at a past job or in school and how did you handle them? How do you wish you had handled that situation?”

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