Substitute Interview Questions

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“How would you shape your lesson to meet the common core standards?”

“When is it okay to touch a child?”

“How would you handle a situation with a child who will not obey?”

“There were no one on one questions for this process but some of the quiz questions seemed like trick questions.”

“Told them that I was handicapped with my foot.”

“Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”

“"You arrive at a classroom and there are no lesson plans. There are no other teachers in your grade available to ask about the curriculum, and the office isn't answering their phone. What do you do?"”

“The most difficult aspect of answering these questions was not the questions themselves, but simply the short amount of time given to think about the answer. As in any panel interview, you feel a...”

“What was your favorite lesson plan to teach?”

“How do you handle Diversity?”

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