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Sales at Naviron

Jul 16, 2010

“would you be willing to sacrifice your time and maybe even weekends?”

Market HRM at Walmart

Jul 31, 2013

“It was several weeks ago and I do not remember specific questions. None of them were unexpected.”

“Tell me about a time you had to get a difficult project done on time and how did you successfully complete it?”

“"Please tell me a time when you were most successful with a sales goal that had been reached and what was the outcome"”

“How did your last affiliate marketing campaign workout?”

“I was asked two or three questions over the interview process having to do with my own personal successes and why they were important to me. Another similar question was "Tell us about a time when…”

“How would you handle an angry Store Manager?”

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“Pretty straighforward STAR interview question model”

“What was your most memorable sales moment in your lifetime, and why?”

“Why do you feel that you would succeed in this industry?”

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