Summer Consultant Interview Questions

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“2 behavioral and 1 flipchart presentation.”

“Why do you choose this position?”

“All of the interviews are challenging because they are real-life business cases that the interviewer must work through. One of the more challenging ones involved some data in the software industry...”

“I always find behavioral interviews harder. One question I was asked was, "What are 3 qualities that you think you possess will make you fail as a consultant"?”

“The interviewer drew a curve on a piece of paper and said it represented the revenue for a telephony company over time. Asked me to brainstorm and then hone in on what was driving the revenue curve...”

“Share a time when you had to convince someone.”

“if your manager is very busy and you have to give your client a deliverable tomorrow but you are not clear about the case what would you do?”

“Is the financial advisor at fault?”

“Tell me about a time when things didn't go as expected.”

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