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“Why do you want this position?”

“What surprised me was that though the job requisition mentioned knowledge of CDMA/GSM protocols for which i had prepared a lot, I wasnt asked anything. Instead I was asked about filters and…”

“Find a pair of numbers that sums up to zero (or any other number), then find three (and then four) numbers that sum up to zero.”

“Why John Hancock?”

“What is the sum of the square root of every number from 1 to 100?”

“Will you be interviewing with other companies?”

“What are your top 3 weaknesses?”

“The only "technical" question I was asked was to explain what I knew about cloud computing.”

Summer Intern at Marsh

Sep 16, 2013

“What do you to become more confident before situations like interviews?”

“"What is the least multiple of 15 whose digits consist only of 1's and 0's?"”

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