Summer Sales Interview Questions

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“I roll a die. If I roll a 1, I give you $1. If I roll a 2, I give you $2, and so on. Make me a market on this game, and explain why.”

“what is the square root of 64,000?”

“Nothing so difficult, mostly behavioral question, also, they wanted to know how enthusiastic I was about joining them”

“How do you hedge interest rate risk?”

“behavioral. imagine a situation blah blah blah”

“Which would you choose to invest in...Ford or GM?”

“What would your friends compliment you on?”

“This wasn't difficult, but it's the only specific question I can remember. You're playing basketball and you're down by 2. You know you can hit a 2-pointer to tie the game with 28% probability...”

“The interview was pretty straightforward, more just making sure they could stand working with you. They asked if I've ever had to sell anything since I had no sales experience on my resume.”

“What do you personally bring to a work atmosphere?”

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