Summer Teacher Interview Questions

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“Hmmm... they were pretty straightforward. I'd say the most challenging question they asked was what I could improve on from my last job.”

“Would you be willing to sub if you are not hired?”

“How do you motivate your students?”

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“What would you do during a lesson if a student got up from his seat and walked around the room to sharpen his pencil?”

“Why do you want to work for us?”

“How would you deal with a misbehaving student?”

“As I spoke about my other experiential backgrounds, the second interviewer asked me if I might try to take kids on field trips anywhere to places I was associated with. I found this slightly odd, but...”

“Have you had experience teaching in a classroom?”

“Situation questions: How would you react in the classroom if your students are misbehaving?”

“You see a parent struggling to work with their child while everyone is practicing reading together. What do you say to the parent?”

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