Supply Chain Co-Op Interview Questions

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“Unfortunately, I don't remember the questions as the interview was several years ago, but they were pretty standard.

A question you can almost always expect to have that is challenging is "Tell me…”

“Tell me a time when you displayed initiative?”

“What are some of the reasons why our product is not on the shelf at a store?”

“Asked me a very technical question about my previous work experience, and asked me why i chose BMS, what do i have to bring to the company.”

“How would you lead an incompetent team?”

“Tell me a time where you haven't seen eye to eye with a person in a group, and how you resolved the situation”

“Will ask mainly specific examples where you overcame an obstacle and your specific role but nothing serious.”

“Name a time when you faced an unexpected change and how you dealt with it?”

“Sometimes they ask what your favorite product is”

“Name a process that you were able to innovate.”

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