Supply Chain Internship Interview Questions

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“If you have a problem and don't know the solution, what do you do?”

“Imagine there is on sandwich shop at the campus and it is the only one open. Everywhere else on campus is closed due to construction. Sales are up and profit is down. What three things do you think...”

“Describe a technical difficulty and how you handled it?”

“"Describe a situation in which you made a mistake or error and realized it, and what did you do to correct it."”

“How could they make a change to their supply chain culture if the upper management was not onboard with the initiative?”

“Tell me a time when flexibility was an issue.”

“If you had a 90 items of a specific product, but your client asks for 100, what would you do? Would you run the production line again, knowing that it would be very expensive since the production...”

“Tell me about a time you worked with a team.”

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