Supply Management Interview Questions

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“Tell me a situation when you were leader of a group and your group partners are not cooperation with you.”

“How did you solve a problem between co-workers?”

“Do you beleive in Aliens!”

“When was the last time you were put into a position that would have caused you to break company posicy and what did you do?”

“Provide an example when you thought that you were not going to achieve a goal, and what did you do to change the trend and achieve it.”

“Where do you expect this position to take you, in one, three, and five years?”

“Do you have children? I thought that was a question you dont ask??”

“Do you realize that the position is located here at this facility? (when relocation was required).”

“If you could build your perfect job, what would it be.”

“Explain the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) you would implement right away.”

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