Supply Planner Interview Questions

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“Typical questions, tell me about your background. Did ask about certifications related to supply chain planner position.”

“The unexpected question, I received was tell me about yourself. This may sound like a typical question but what made it different was the straightforwardness of my soon to be manager.”

“I was thrown several case studies during the interview process. The most difficult one is the last case study where you are given 1.5 hours to prepare data to forecast a new market. The iBike. You...”

“Why didn't you choose your school in California?”

“Supply chain management covers distribution also? (This response by the interviewer demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge of supply chain processes).”

“What would you do to improve supply chain efficiency?”

“Tell me a time you faced push back and how did you resolve”

“How would you approach not being able to produce enough for a customer order all at once?”

“No tough questions at all! Mostly about my background. Had to take an Excel test.”

“Go over your Resume. What's your expected compensation range? What do you know about the company?”

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