Support Analyst I Interview Questions

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“How would you find out how many telephone poles are between Oregon and NY”

“I am technically WAY overqualified for this position so it doesn't apply but I would say that it was unexpected to feel so at ease with everyone involved! :)”

“I was asked to explain in detail how to tie a shoe.”

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“Can you tell me your most stressful/comical customer service experience?”

“There were no difficult or unexpected questions during the interview.”

“They asked me to pretend I was talking to an alien who was visiting earth for the first time and he could not see me and I could not see him. I was to tell this alien how to put on a sock and a shoe…”

“I honestly cannot think of a difficult or unexpected question. I knew the environment I was interviewing for so most of what I was asked was quite standard.”

“Nothing too difficult which was a little unusual for an entry level PACS position. Just a review of my previous experiences as expected out of a technical interview minus the technical questions.”

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