Support Analyst Interview Questions

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“Questions were pretty simple. A couple SQL questions and simple support scenarios. My only issue is with the later questions, interviewer seemed to want answers they required you to know how their…”

“What is ‘Responsive Design,’ and how might it be used on the mobile context?”

“How would you handle a difficult, frustrated or disgruntled user?”

“What are some of your weaknesses?”

“Why are manhole covers round?”

“I am customer with a problem with my computer (gives me the senario) and you have to help me”

“What is the square root of Pi?”

“If I am the only one on the team with the answer to a problem (because no one writes anything down and I'm the only one that knows anything) and I'm on vacation, and I'm not answering my phone, how…”

“Do I have any career regrets?”

“What technical experience do you have.”

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