Support Professional Interview Questions

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“What would would you do if a client became physically abusive to you?”

“Tell us about a time when you dealt with stress in the workplace.”

“During the initial phone interview candidates are asked how they would best implement Christ's message in their work due to this being a faith-based organization.”

“How has a person experiencing a disability impacted your life?”

“"How would you respond to a co-worker abusing a client?"”

“Describe a moment where you were presented with a difficult situation and how did you handle it?”

“None I enjoyed the process of the interview.”

“The webinar was very unprofessional. Too many people on the phone at once. It was a conference call setting and you could hear people's background actions. The times are not flexible nor is there any…”

“All of the questions were generic, How did you hear about the job? Etc. None were difficult.”

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