Support Specialist Interview Questions

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“Using your visualization skills, starting from the top of a desktop computer, name the ports you would see.”

“How much experience do you have in call-center tech support?”

“"What is sysprep, and how is it used in an everyday computer enviornment?"”

“You are trying to access a file on a shared drive, but cannot (somewhat vague way to phrase question, but that is its intent I suppose)”

“How is my fitness”

“General questions about my technical background and why I wanted to work at Elgia. Aptitude test would be the most "troubling" part just because it was new software and they just throw you right in...”

“Can you leave your current position in less than two weeks? (having asked them to give me at least two weeks prior to that question).”

“sell me this pen”

“What are your strength and weaknesses?”

“Why did I apply to this company?”

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