Support Technician Interview Questions

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“What is your weakest skill?”

“"What was your experience like in high school?" I had trouble answering this question because I was rebellious during that period and had a very hard time in school. I think I sugar coated my answer…”

“What steps would you take if a customer called and said he/she just installed a new graphics card, and now has a black screen on his/her monitor?”

“Personal questions about hobbies etc. I may have been overthinking it but I felt like they were trying to figure something out about me.”

“Most difficult questions were related to SQL specifically. They want a senior PL/SQL developer and not just a basic SQL user as it was mentioned on job description.
Nested queries, decoding SQL…”

“Define quality.”

“A lot of girls work here, do you mind being outnumbered in this manner?”

“How to solve windows error the interviewer laptop was experiencing”

“If your coworker asked you to lie for him would you do it?”

“Would you be willing to take the position even know that there would not be a permanent position available after the contracted time.”

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