System Engineer Interview Questions

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“write a function to set a particular field of register to the desired value. ( For example, set bit 3 - 10 of a word to the given value)”

“Drop an egg from a building and determine which floor it will break in two tries”

“No difficult questions. Just explained my past engineering projects.”

“How do you handle irate clients that are having technical trobules and need to work immediately.”

“One of the interviews was with a guy from Brazil. Even though I actually speak Spanish, I had a very hard time understanding him. He asked a question about writing a parser (code something that will…”

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“Unexpected question was "why should we hire you?" because no one asks that question anymore.”

“Please describe how to implement a function to print out a linked list backwards”

“can you host multiple https sites with different domain names but same IP on the same server? how”

“-print fibanncci number 0-1000
-write atoi()
-why are man hole cover round
-three people, average salary without telling anybody your salary”

“Why does a curveball pitch in baseball curve?”

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