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“No questions were out of the ordinary, the most difficult for me has always been what is the weakness that you need to work on.”

“Another surprise was from CIO - The very first question from him was "what is so tough about fixed income?". I was not expecting such a question from a Senior Vice President.”

“How would you respond to a customer who encountered a problem with a product or service.”

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“Was asked to provide example of LOS (Loan Origination System) experience from analyst perspective.”

“No unexpected or difficult questions since the questions were very dumbed down. Example, give us an example of how you fit our corporate culture number 1, Integrity... etc, etc...”

“Tell me about a time you faced a situation when your sense of ethics or fairness was tested.”

“What did you make at your two most recent positions?”

“tell me your experience with DOS”

“You have 3 gallon container and 5 gallon container, how do you get exactly 4 gallons.”

“Monkey climbing a slippery pole problem. Also describe a typical SDLC project you were involved in end to end.”

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