Systems and Business Analyst Interview Questions

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“Your resume is tailored to this job, did you make it up?”

“What could you possibly bring to our team?”

“Ther really were no difficult questions. Everything was very simple, no tricks.”

“You have 3 gallon container and 5 gallon container, how do you get exactly 4 gallons.”

“Monkey climbing a slippery pole problem. Also describe a typical SDLC project you were involved in end to end.”

“To explain why my experience was as good as a new (within 5 years) masters degree.”

“Would you be willing to travel?”

“describe what you know about the systems development lifecycle”

“Client does not have any idea about requirement. How would you go about if you have no prototype or idea of their requirements.”

“some problem solving questions, designed to see how you would approach a large problem. They want to see your method of thinking, asking questions, being able to deliver what is expected…”

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