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“1. You have two strings. A test string and a glob Test string can have a & b, any number of times, any location. Glob can have a, b, ? and *, any number of times, any location. E.g. test...”

“They ask you to give specific detailed information about a problem they are currently experiencing without giving you much if any background or any context information. Since they have so many...”

“Do you have any questions?”

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“How would you implement stl::string”

“Lots of "Describe a situation when..." questions!”

“Describe a project management experience”

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“logic question about how to determine which switches on a switchplate at the end of a hall control which lights in a room that you can only visit once”

“How many transactions you can have in SQL Server?”

“*iter++ vs * (iter ++) : explain whether they are different or not”

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