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“None ...I didn't get a technical interview at all. A consulting companies job is to put qualified candidates in front of the customer. My customer did not interview me at all.”

“3) I asked the interviewer: "What will be the first important task that you would need the person you are planning on hiring to accomplish?"

4) I asked the interviewer: how do you see this role…”

“1) Is there anything your current employer could offer you to make you change your mind about taking this job and staying with them.

2) You've only worked with your current contractor for a year…”

“Describe how you are involved in training at your current employer.”

“Can you let me know what is your past compensation?

And your expected salary?”

“There was no really difficult or unexpected question. One question was about bad data in a batch job.”

“"Describe how you would work with difficult people"”

“Detailed OSI model questions. But i think that was just because of the interviewer.”

“I don't recall being asked any difficult or unexpected questions. Having done many interviews I answered as honestly and correctly as possible, even if I didn't have answers at the time. I…”

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