Systems Engineer II Interview Questions

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“Do a play by play review on the whiteboard down to the specific details and steps taken to deploy a software package to a live web farm.”

“There were many questions related to my Systems Engineering experience and my experience working with engineers in a fast-paced and challenging work environment. There were also several "puzzle...”

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“Systems engineering is usually regarded as 'more boring' than the test engineer position you currently have. Why would you want to change jobs?”

“I had to prove to myself that I was technical enough for a SE position at Cisco.”

“Which of the two jobs that I interviewed for would I rather have?”

“How would you handle the issue when you're on the call”

“There was no really challenging question. I had to explain my thesis to people who did not know much about the nitch I was explaining.”

“Found Job on web page Screened by HR Folks, Standard questions, verifying data from resume Offered a trip to interview Interviewed, a day long process: Was asked to meet tam members and...”

“Can you explain the difference between the 4 major object-oriented design ideas? Specifically, Polymorphism and Encapsulation.”

“Why does the DVBS-2 standard use 16APSK instead 16PSK constellation? Also some questions about filtering, since I usually would have separated that from communications subjects (more towards signal...”

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