Systems Engineering Interview Questions

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“can you host multiple https sites with different domain names but same IP on the same server? how”

“Mostly questions about my previous experience and the sort of work I would be comfortable with. They asked if I had experience with writing scripts for FPGA (in addition to the responsibilities of...”

“If you are ten years old, please describe what is networking?”

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“Why do you want to join this group?”

“Testing for for email or SMTP protocol knowledge.”

“STAR type questions, Very relaxed interview, they asked me a lot of questions based on my resume... so my suggestion would be know your resume well”

“Can I climb a ladder?”

“How soft bits are put into a decoder (???)”

“For BPSK, if you got 0.5 – is it 0 or 1?”

“You have a doctorate so it tells us that you like challenges, is that why you are moving from your current position? We are not sure that the role we have to offer can keep you interested for long.”

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