Systems Integration Analyst Interview Questions

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“Have you ever had to give a presentation to someone that you knew didn't agree with you?”

“What is a recent personal accomplishment?”

“When did you have to build credibility with someone?”

“The most difficult questions was "how do you imagine yourself in the next 5 years, in the next 10 years? what would you be doing with life and career?"”

“Tell me about a difficult project you worked on and how did you go about it resolving it?”

“Talk about a time when you worked in a group, what was your role?”

“Simple questions from your experience like:

- Tell me about a time when you had to persuade a client or colleague?
- Tell me about a time when a team member or client wasn't co-operating?”

“Tell us about a time where you were working in a team and it did not go so well, what did you do and what would you have done differently.”

“Tell me about a time that you've worked in a group and faced some sort of obstacle.”

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