Systems Integration Engineer Interview Questions

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“All questions were pretty normal for the intended position. Just that the interviewers were taken aback that I was over qualified and seemed purplexed by the whole thing knowing something wasn't…”

“They had examples of their behavioral interview questions but they didn't use them again.”

“What about volunteering? Do you volunteer in the community?”

“Would you be willing to work on weekends”

“Describe your ideal job in 3 characteristics.”

“Describe a time when a person in your group/team had an issue, or was unwilling to work with the team. How did you handle and/or resolve the issue?”

“No real surprises. All questions were subjective/personal. What is your ideal style of management? Do you prefer having several tasks at once or to work one at a time'?”

“The questions were generally targeted to personality rather than technical mastery, but this might be since it was a coop position. "Tell us about a project you have worked on" and "Why I should hire…”

“I don't recall any questions that were "out there" or that I wasn't already fully prepared to answer.”

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