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“find a sub-string in a string”

“What is a SYN attack, How does server handles a SYN attack”

“given linked list, display in reverse”

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“MORE than 50 questions on television broadcast systems, electronics, networking, control systems, electronics and software engineering were asked.”

“Find the words used in some text and report by word length and how often each word appears.”

“Q1: Find the common ancestor of two nodes in a binary tree (not binary search tree). Interviewers didn't know the complexity.
Q2: Write echo client-server model. It is expected to know the…”

“What did I plan to do about my not having C++ programming experience?”

“Say the program you are running has stack overflow. You want to know when and where this happens, but you don't want to use debuggers, because they slow. How would you do this?”

“When would you use inheritance (abstract vs interface in java), can you give an example.”

“What matters most to you and why?”

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