Systems Support Engineer Interview Questions

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“How do you handle multiple tasks.”

“The only "technical" question I was asked was to explain what I knew about cloud computing.”

“The only technical question I was asked was to explain what i knew about cloud computing. The rest of the questions were the standard behavioral questions.”

“He asked, if I use netflix. To talk about my work experience. What is my experience with customers. If in my opinion how I can be useful for the job opportunity.”

“Interviewer was demanding high level of detail about technical work that was done years ago. When the interviewer felt that sufficient details were not being disclosed, it appeared that they felt…”

“They asked me about the general pathway of the cell cycle.”

“Explain the steps you would use to troubleshoot and repair a PC that will boot up and run, but crashes whenever running a full screen application?”

“Nothing was particularly difficult or unexpected”

“There was no difficult questions. I have 20 years of experience in my field, and 13 years of it in this company”

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