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“During negotiation phase, I asked for a minimum of 16/hr, and the district manager commented that not even his top recruiter who had been with the company for 5 years was making this much.”

“Typical just asked me about the company's I worked for and my experience.”

“The difficult part was not the questions, but my inability to connect with the executive conducting my last interview. She seemed so uninterested that I left unsure of why I ever had an interview to...”

“Honestly, the interviewer did not ask any meaningful or difficult questions; rather, he chose to fixate on my tenure with past organizations. In retrospect, his approach was antagonistic (really...”

“What is your biggest challenge in your current position?”

“Why do you want to work in recruiting?”

“What are my weaknesses?”

“Explain in your words what it means to be a leader.”

“Most questions was based from reading paragraphs about the positions that you would be recruiting.”

“During my interview in Sunrise was prepared to answer questions about my sourcing and professional recruiting experience. WIth no notice of change in position, Business Dev. Manager presented me with...”

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