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“What is your experience with large scale project management of international tax projects?”

“What type of transfer pricing methodoligies have you used in preparing transfer pricing reports.”

Tax Associate at PwC

Feb 10, 2010

“What was your most difficult obstical to over come.”

“Describe the situation when you had to be a team player and how you handled the issues during that situation.”

“It was the question about marketing. I was not expecting a marketing question at a tax preparer interview.”

“Tell me about a time that your supervisor gave you a constructive suggestion, and how did you take it?”

“Why are you interested in accounting?”

“Are you family willing to move?”

“none - the return questions were all simply completing a very basic return, the ethics questions basically "do you think it's ok to give away a person's financial info?"”

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“A multiple choice question asked for the amount to be charged approximately to 11 employees for the meal bill including tax.”

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