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“Mostly standard questions that you'd expect for an internship.
Questions about school experience /activities.
They're interested in your schedule and commitments, but are probably willing to work…”

“What did I like about my last job?”

“The most obvious, yet difficult question asked was why the interviewer should choose to you over anyone else for the job.”

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“If your supervisor gave you 1000 cases to handle within one week, what would you do to accomplish them?”

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“Do you have any bank accounts in another state? I did not comprehend until after my father's death, he had hidden accounts using my name to hide his money and I still have not found them. Yet the IRS…”

“Tell us about yourself!!!”

“Have you ever taken a leadership role before and how do you lead to make achievement.”

“The interviewers asked if I would be content with a position that is only seasonal.”

“Tell me about a time that you were confronted with a difficult problem at work and how you solved it.”

“Why international tax?”

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