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“Do you have any bank accounts in another state? I did not comprehend until after my father's death, he had hidden accounts using my name to hide his money and I still have not found them. Yet the IRS…”

“What type of transfer pricing methodoligies have you used in preparing transfer pricing reports.”

“If you were going to try to underpay your payroll tax, how would you book the transactions on your system? If you were an auditor, how would you find out if the company was underpaying?”

“They asked about my experience but no technical questions.”

“What are your biggest weaknesses”

“The compensation bonus is sometimes hard to understand!”

“Recall a time that you had to manage an irate customer?”

“Describe a customer service issue you handled in the past.”

“Tell me about a time when you had to learn a new product or service on the spot.”

Tax Specialist at Olin

Aug 17, 2014

“The most challenging questions related to my lack of previous experience in this field and how I was going to get up to speed quickly, as there really was no time for training. I needed to have a…”

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