Teaching Fellow Interview Questions

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“Are you willing to adopt to our teaching techniques?”

“What would you do?”

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“Before you enter the room for your personal interview, the selector gives everyone a card with feedback on their lesson and you need to redo the first minute of your demo lesson while implementing…”

“Tell us a time you gave up on something.”

“They ran a scenario with me, asking what I would do if my kid does not show up to class and the parent doesn't have the time to make sure he attends school. The parent thinks I am attacking her and…”

“What would you do if a volunteer apprenticeship teacher was so busy she did not send you a lesson plan? (The previous two weeks she had sent them late.)”

“How do you manage behaviors in the classroom?”

“If you had an aggressive parent come into class, how would you respond?”

“What do you consider to be a successful year as a teacher? How would you ensure that?”

“What % of the responsibility for getting a student to school on time falls on you, the teacher?”

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