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“Hardest one by Nick: You haven't opened at a store before. What do you do when you arrive? If there isn't any higher ups what do you do?”

Team Assistant at PwC

Jul 21, 2011
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“How do you handle changing priorities? with several people asking you to something at once.”

“As far as most difficult!! Staying away from every one, so you didn't have to be involved in the drama ( but don't think that you weren't still being talked about behind your back).”

“What do you feel is most imp[ortant in the position being offered.”

“There really wasn't a tough question. Have you had cleaning experience, is the biggest requirement.”

“Why do you want to work with Oakland Unified School District?”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“Please tell me about a time when you lost money for your company, or made a similar terrible mistake. What did you do and how did you fix it?”

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“If your were to be fired a year from now, what would it be for?”

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“If the Store Leader asked you to wear a pink apron, would you do it?”

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