Team Interview Questions

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“Who would you says is the weakest link on our team and how would you help them?”

Sales at 5 North

Mar 10, 2013

“The most difficult part of the interview for me was when they asked me about why I left my previous position.”

“What is the last book you read and why? what drives you? How do you determine success? How competitive are you on a scale of 1 to 10, give me an example of your competitiveness”

“Why should I hire you?”

“What would you do if a person that was not your manager handed you a stack of papers and said, 'I need 15 copies of these within 30 min - just put them on my desk.' and then, rushed off?”

“Tell me of a time when you had a problem with a team member or coworker and how did you solve the issue.”

“What's your process for de-stressing while you're at work? What do you do when you're stressed at work?”

“When in the past have you worked in teams? Do you enjoy that?”

“Do you well with others?”

“What is the one thing that people think is your best quality and why?”

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