Team Interview Questions

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“Since I was an older more experienced engineer than the current staff how would I Work to fit into the group and become part of the team”

“It was supposed to be a behavioral interview with a focus on my emotional IQ, but they didn't know how to perform the interview (which can be disasterous for the candidate). But, I didn't find any of…”

“Give an example of when someone on your team was not pulling their own weight. How did you deal with the situation.”

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“I was asked if I had a background in Unix, Java or IBM Rational tools. I told them yes to the Unix and IBM Rational questions and gave examples of my background.”

“The most difficult question I was asked is, "What could you do with more income", which is the slogan for our division.”

“What can you bring to our team, and are you a team player?”

“Focus on standardized situational question format rather than exploring technical expertise for specific job.”

“do you want to be a team leader or a team member?”

“Address an event where faced with a difficult team player, and what three solutions can be implemented to solve the issue?”

“Talk about an situation where you lead a team through a project and what was the outcome.”

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