Team Manager Interview Questions

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“How would you manage people in a virtual environment?”

“If your workers were to be asked what you were like as a leader what would their reponse be?”

“What can you provide for the company?”

“Lost of questions about customer service, can I work the hours, nights & weekends How did I hear about the job. If they could offer me a full-time sales associate position if the Management...”

“Whats the difference between a job and a career?”

“What was the most confusing piece of feedback that you have received?”

“why you for the job”

“Asked an advanced algorithm question, how to write a function to copy all the nodes in a graph. Had to do this on the, always clunky at best.”

“Why should we hire you? I was also asked if I knew the other candidates that were being interviewed for the same job...that was VERY bizarre. It was awkward as I did know one of them.”

Team Manager at SYKES

Jun 11, 2011

“Can you name a time when you.....?”

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