Team work Interview Questions

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“What's your process for de-stressing while you're at work? What do you do when you're stressed at work?”

“Give an example of when someone on your team was not pulling their own weight. How did you deal with the situation.”

“How well do you get along with management?”

“in a professinal setting how have you helped a coworker increase in thier skill.”

“Our project is behind schedule and we are having teamwork problems. How would you quickly get the project on track? (There was little additional information given about the team issues or the…”

“Describe a time you had a team member that wasn't pulling their weight. What did you do?”

“There were agency-specific questions about federal & state rules/regulations, how past experience qualifies you for the current job application (i.e. communication, organization, program knowledge…”

“How do you know that you work well with others?”

“Describe a time you had to motivate a group. How did you do it? How successful were you?”

“In your past work experience, did you ever come across major development problems and if yes, how did you resolve that?”

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