Teams Interview Questions

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“"What could you contribute to our team?"”

“how are you in a team environment”

“How do you form positive relationships with developers and/or stakeholders?”

“Have you had any time where a team mate on your team was upset with you? How did you deal with it?”

Manager at Deloitte

Aug 14, 2010

“How would you handle a situation where you are a project manager working at the client site and one of your team members has an odor problem - so much so that the client has made multiple comments?”

“What would I do first, if hired?”

“Describe a time you had a team member that wasn't pulling their weight. What did you do?”

“How motivated are ou? Would you be willing to work 70-80 hour weeks? THIS IS A MUST FOR A TEAM PLAYER! AND WE WANT TEAM PLAYERS TO SUCEED!”

“What did you not like working as a team ?”

“Tell me about a time when you were a part of a team and what was your role?”

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