Teamwork Interview Questions

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“Give me one example from your past employment history where unusual events created interpersonal conflict and/or impaired customer service (i.e. patient and/or physician), including how you solved…”

“Explain a time you worked in a team.”

“Describing past challenges in working with a group and responses to them.”

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“Tell us a bit about yourself.”

“What is your biggest strength”

“What is the most challenging intellectual experience you've had, and how did you approach it?”

“Tell about a time where you were told to do something unethical, wrong, or you didn't agree with. What did you do about it?”

“what was your biggest success”

“"Describe a time when you worked on a team project. What were your job duties? What kind of planning was involved? Were there any challenges encountered? How did you handle them? What was the…”

“1) What is your proudest achievement?
2) Tell me about a time when ...”

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