Tech Support Representative Interview Questions

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“What do you know about HP?”

“Technical Question: If the customer calls you, and he say he do not receive email in Exchange, how would you troubleshoot this?”

“Technical Question: If someone is having trouble because in Outlook when he creates one event, two duplicate calender event appear, what would you say?”

“Why do you want to work for the company?”

“Are you willing to travel?”

“If a computer is pinged by name and it is giving a different IP than is assigned to that computer, then what is the most likely issue.”

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“Why do you feel that your work experience would make you an outstanding Dish employee?”

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“None. Pass the test and be friendly to the interviewer then you are hired!”

“For me it was what a help file was, which is actually a very basic question. But as I'd never worked in a remote tech support position before, I was unfamiliar with it.”

“Very basic questions. They basically want to make sure you have the right computer set up in a quiet environment so know what computer you have and program versions. Hardest question was tell me…”

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