Technical Account Manager Interview Questions

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“If your customer calls you on the phone and tells you her light-bulb is broken, how would you go about fixing the problem on the phone?”

“Your client wants to estimate the market size for jeans in the U.S. How would you go about doing that?”

“Are you able to get into San Francisco?”

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“If your customer wants something before the end of the day and you know that it is impossible to get it to them, then your manager wants something done by the end of the same day, how do you handle…”

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“Do you think we make more money from Adwords or AdSense”

“You have 78 pencils, 51 files, 152 paintbrushes and 142 felt tip pens. How many writing pads do you need?”

“Define how database knowledge was applied to resolve a complex issue. How different sources of information were used to identify and resolve an issue.”

“Describe an technical architectural overview.”

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“You are out with a customer at dinner and the customer is obviouly drunk and is continuting to bad mouth not only you but Microsoft. Basically saying Microsoft sucks and you don't provide me any…”

“The MS Account rep offers you tickets to a professional basket ball game so you can take the customer and hopefully discuss a certain project. You and the customer discuss a project while at the…”

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