Technical Account Manager Interview Questions

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“The MS Account rep offers you tickets to a professional basket ball game so you can take the customer and hopefully discuss a certain project. You and the customer discuss a project while at the...”

“What can you tell us about your experience with IIS?”

“My most interesting question would have to be the ‘light bulb switch’ scenario, asked during my interview with Yardi. Question: You are standing outside a room next to three switches, all of...”

“Tell us about your worst failure and biggest success.”

“Can you give me the model numbers for servers you have supported?”

“Why are you planning to leave your present job?”

“If your customer calls you on the phone and tells you her light-bulb is broken, how would you go about fixing the problem on the phone?”

“Your client wants to estimate the market size for jeans in the U.S. How would you go about doing that?”

“Watch this presentation and take a memory test.”

“If your customer wants something before the end of the day and you know that it is impossible to get it to them, then your manager wants something done by the end of the same day, how do you handle...”

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