Technical Account Manager Interview Questions

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“Questions/Topics discussed:
Tell me what your job responsibilities were at your previous company.
What was your salary at your previous company?”

“Roleplay with interviewer of GE CIO calling me because their Exchange server has been down for 1.5 hours and they've lost 1.5 million dollars in revenue.

Consulting question about how to optimize…”

“You will be asked a lot of questions that are not specific to technologies and such but more about attitude and temperament. They seem to be much more interested in a cultural match than finding the…”

“A number of IT-related questions about systems and networking which weren't terribly familiar to me; my background is concentrated in math, algorithms and theoretical computer science.”

“In the technical interview, I literally felt like I tanked. There were some simple questions at the beginning but that just seemed to bring on bigger guns. The interviewer was very friendly but I…”

“There are none. Just be yourself! You can prepare for the interview by going over typical interview questions. They are looking for someone who can add to the culture. Personality, personality…”

“The frustration was that in-person interview was mostly questions about what I like to do on weekends, what are my hobbies, etc. Nothing related to the job and how I could contribute to the role. It…”

“How would suggest we fix the following actual problem we encounter on a daily basis?”

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